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Rack mount
DC power distribution unit

DC Power Distribution Unit
19" Rack-mounted DC Power Distribution Units. Supplied with or without meters.
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Rack mount
AC power distribution unit

AC Power Distribution Unit
Rack-mounted AC Power Distribution Units......
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Power Distribution Unit (PDU)


What is a power distribution unit (PDU)

Well in it's simplest form a power distribution unit or PDU is designed to distribute electrical power to multiple devices from an uninterupted power source. A PDU is highly reliable and is used as basic hardware in functions such as:

  • Telecom equipment
  • Data centres

A power distribution unit (PDU) can be rack mounted, ranging from 1U and up, or come as a standalone cabinet, where a large number of racks or rows of racks require a controlled source.


Why is a power distribution unit (PDU) necessary?

This may depend on the type of PDU in use.
In its very basic form a power distribution unit or PDU is used for providing enough outlets to supply other electrical devices and the use of dual input power sources are often used to ensure vital equipment always has a power supply. In a metered PDU, the power distribution unit can also be used to track and control electrical distribution and can be used by the network manager to determine their capacity.

Also by simply changing the rating of the circuit breakers or fuses, many types of equipment requiring different currents can be powered from the same source with peace of mind that all equipment will have full protection.


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Learn more about the BDFB and BDCBB here.


Why choose Allstar power?

Allstar power will meet your power distribution unit needs. We specialise in telecoms but have a wealth of experience in all fields of power distribution. From a wide range of off the shelve PDU’s for both AC and DC as well as solving your power needs. If you require a solution for your power distribution then Allstar Power should be your first point of contact.

Our range of DC PDU start at the 1U rack mountable unit all the way through to large distribution cabinets (BDFB). Dual input and output versions are available as well as metered and monitored versions.

Our AC PDU’s are rated up to 32A and a maximum of 10A per output. These have front mounted replaceable fuses. Our most popular product in this range is the 16A MDU which has 14 way fused IEC C13 outlets, power indicators and digital metering.

We supply our products, including our power distribution units throughout the telecoms network in both the UK and Europe as well as many other industries that require a solution to their power distribution.

If you need a solution, we provide a great value, high quality and efficient answer to your needs.

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